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Festival Rules

General Rules :

Items Not allowed :

Environment – Do’s and Don’ts :

 No dropping of burning cigarettes in the open bush, please extinguish them.

 No urinating in public areas, please use the restrooms, if you are caught you will be escorted off the premises.

 Wasting of water – water is a precious commodity in our country.

 No drugs

 Please enjoy the festival, without over doing the alcohol consumption, alcohol poising is very dangerous if not treated please be aware and respectful of others.


ContinuumWarp have an absolute zero tolerance policy with regard to drugs! We want you to enjoy the festival, you have paid a lot to be here, and we have worked hard to make it special, enjoy it.


 Use, sell, or be in possession of any drugs, anywhere on the grounds.

 There will be police and security officials on site to enforce this rule.

PLEASE NOTE – Our security have the final say.